Councils appoint new joint directors

The second stage of a pioneering Strategic Alliance between Bolsover District Council and North East Derbyshire District Council has seen the appointment of four Joint Directors.

The Joint Directors will take up their roles with immediate effect and they are as follows:

Kevin Hopkinson - Joint Director of Development

Paul Hackett - Joint Director of Health and Wellbeing

Stuart Tomlinson - Joint Director of Neighbourhoods

Bryan Mason - Joint Director of Resources

The Strategic Alliance between the councils was launched on 1 April 2011 and these Joint Directors, together with Joint Chief Executive Officer, Wes Lumley will form the Senior Management Team and help steer the two councils into the future.

The Joint Directors will work across both councils and have a number of departments they are responsible for. They will now start to plan how these services will operate in the future and also consider the next steps for the Alliance which will be to look at the next tier of management and how best this can be structured.

Joint Chief Executive, Wes Lumley said, “We are delighted with the appointments and feel we have the right blend of knowledge and experience to take us through, what are going to be, very tough and challenging times. I am really looking forward to working with them and focusing our efforts on making sure we deliver the best possible services to our residents in the most cost efficient way.”

The Alliance is helping both councils to reduce their staffing costs, with savings ploughed into protecting frontline services and keeping Council Tax bills low. Although the councils share senior managers they will keep their political, geographical and administrative independence.