Co-op promise changes to new Stanton Hill store

A NATIONAL supermarket chain is planning big changes at the Stanton Hill Netto store it has snapped up.

The Co-operative Group announced the purchase of the Netto store in High Street for an undisclosed sum last week.

It means business from the existing Co-operative supermarket, also in High Street, will transfer to the Netto store, which is to be expanded to offer a 5,000sq ft sales area.

A spokesman for The Co-operative Food, said: “We’re looking forward to bringing a bigger and better store to Stanton Hill.

“This is part of a major expansion plan for our national food network and as a result of this investment in Stanton Hill, we can promise customers an enhanced shopping experience and wider range of goods.”

The spokesman said five full-time and eleven part-time Netto staff are to transfer to the new store with no impact on existing Co-operative staff.

He added that details of the Co-operative’s plans for the store would be released in due course.

But in the meantime, the existing Co-operative store in High Street would continue to operate as normal.

Netto parent company Asda ditched the store as part of an agreement with the Office of Fair Trading.

The Group operates over 5,000 retail trading outlets, including more than 2,800 food stores.

It plans to add a further 300 food stores employing 7,000 people in the next three years.