Can you identify Bolsover area land with potential for employment use?

Residents and businesses across Bolsover District are being invited to help the Council find suitable land for employment uses for the next 20 years.

Bolsover District Council is in the process of preparing new planning policy documents to guide development in the District. As part of this, the Council is updating its information on a range of topics including employment.

At present, the District is characterised by high levels of people commuting out of the area to their job and low levels of jobs compared to the size of the population. Policies being developed for the Local Plan Strategy aim to change this by both increasing the overall number of jobs in the District; and providing more jobs close to where people live. To help achieve this, the Council is looking to establish a land supply of some 185 hectares of land between 2011 -2031. Around 127 hectares of land are already committed, so the Council will be seeking to provide an additional 58 hectares of land over the plan period for employment purposes.

The Council has identified a particular need for new employment land in Bolsover, Creswell, and Tibshelf. However, suggestions are welcome across the district.

Bolsover District Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Coun Dennis Kelly said, “We are asking people to put forward sites in the District that they think could be suitable for employment use. Any site that can be developed for a use that creates employment, such as retail, leisure, health, or tourism would be of interest, in addition to more traditional uses such as factories and offices.

“Any sites that are put forward will be assessed for their suitability and deliverability. What we must stress is that the aim at this stage is not to allocate specific sites, but to ensure that the potential exists to meet the proposed requirement. At a later stage in the planning process the best and most appropriate locations for development will be selected.”

A form to put forward sites is available on the Council’s website and the closing date for submissions is 5pm on Friday 24th August 2012.