Bungalow plans for Church Warsop land used by flytippers

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Plans have been submitted to build 20 new bungalows on a patch of waste land in Church Warsop.

The 1.4 hectare site is positioned off Birch Street and consists of vacant scrubland which is described as being ‘overgrown and unsightly’.

The applicant, Mr R Eden of Mansfield, says the unsecure site has been used as a dumping ground for flytippers and arsonists in recent years.

There had been garages on the site, utilised by residents, but they had been demolished in the 1980s.

It was also once the site of an old boiler house for the local colliery houses in the area, and part of the site has been used for allotments, but is largely in disrepair.

The 30 homes planned would be designed for the elderly and infirm, consisting of two and three bedrooms, each with small garden area and parking provision. Six of the homes would come under the affordable housing scheme.

Access to the plot would be gained via Birch Street.

Following discussions with Mansfield District Council, the applicant has chosen not to keep the allotment space, but replace it with an open space complete with seating.

Although outside the boundary settlement of Church Warsop, the applicant concludes that: “The site will provide the redevelopment of a an underused and unsightly piece of land that has been subject to flytipping which creates an eyesore on the local landscape.”