Blidworth firm takes ads into the future

BLIDWORTH-based design and marketing company Mandarin has produced a virtual directory where businesses can advertise and reach out to other firms.

The directory was launched in July and designed for members of the Mansfield 2020 Business Networking Organisation but can be viewed by anyone.

Sonia Harvey, creative director at Mandarin, said: “It allows businesses to keep in touch and generate more business between each other and the wider audience.

“The original directory was printed for the members of 2020 but the virtual edition is beneficial to people not in that group.

“There are hyperlinks and offers in there and businesses can advertise with video.”

Mansfield 2020 Virtual Directory was created using online brochure design software from myVirtualbrochure.

It is updated regularly with expert tips and member to member recommendations and monthly with a summary of the group’s monthly breakfast meetings.

Sonia said she hoped the directory would become a different arm in marketing. The next directory will be available in January.

Professional photographer Sonia started Manderin in 2004 and is a member on the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

Said Sonia: “It is rare for a design agency to have its own photographer. I am the one who takes the brief so I know what the creative design decision should be for the photography.”

Mandarin does everything from exhibition design to posters and their clients vary from small start-ups to multi-nationals.

Said Sonia: “People want to see a return on what a design does for them. It is not just a pretty picture - I am creating a character for their brand.

“I have been qualified since the 1990s and have a lot of experience working as a creative director so I an deliver quite a lot for a company.

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