Bakers use their loaf to go hi-tech

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When a family baking business was handed on to the next generation, the firm decided on a hi-tech solution to help them earn a crust.

G. Atherley & Sons was established in 1936 in Farnsfield, near Mansfield.

The firm employs 28 staff and delivers to around 70 wholesale customers on a daily basis from its bakery shop in the village.

Wholesale customers include schools, local shops, pubs and restaurants.

The business tailors orders to its customers’ requirements and makes around 100 different products each night.

Its range includes speciality spelt, GI multiseed, tomato, olive and pumpkin bread as well as a variety of sizes and shapes of loaves and bread rolls.

Jo Atherley, the company’s business manager, says: “We have recently taken over from my husband’s parents who wrote absolutely everything by hand.

“Looking through 70 wholesale customers every day to see what they wanted and adding it up manually was taking up a lot of time, so we wanted to streamline things.”

So despite creating deliciously tradition products,, the Atherleys set out to find a computerised system to modernise order processing at their bakery.

They have now installed RedBlack Software’s CyBake bakery management solution.

Jo Atherley said: “We have put all of our wholesale customer orders onto CyBake and, once all those orders are in, it prints us off a production list so the bakers know what to bake.

“It prints us off a packing list, so our packers know exactly what to send out to where, and it also generates either a delivery note or an invoice to the customer so they have got a copy as well.”