Apple Apps ace joins local firm

Nigel Speight
Nigel Speight

Leading local Pupose Media firm is celebrating a major coup after attractingNigel Speight, a developer of Apple Apps to join their ranks.

In his new role with the Ecommerce website developer and on-line marketing specialists, Nigel will develop applications that will help companies sell more on-line or improve communications with customers or staff.

This will include e-commerce shopping carts, product catalogues apps, company promotional apps, as well as apps capable of enhancing internal communications and managing processes such as stock control, finance and sales.

All Apps will have the potential to integrate with social media, locational devices, display images and video and produce analytics.

Commenting on the role Nigel said, “I was really impressed by the people I met at Purpose Media, their commitment to quality how they look ahead to the future. I am really excited about the role as it will open up new opportunities and relationships for Purpose Media.”

Before joining Purpose Media Nigel has been developing Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, and previously for older platforms such as Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Gameboy, Sony PlayStation and even further going back to the old ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 days.

He has over 25 years experience as a developer and has so far over 75 published products. This includes over 25 digital titles for Apple iPhone and iPad as well as Android and Blackberry platforms, achieving over 2 million downloads.

Working with market leading licensors and publishers such as Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, Hasbro, Mattel, Atari, Capcom, Nintendo, Virgin, Team17, he has developed products for well known brands such as Speedy Gonzales, Battleships, Worms, Risk, Resident Evil, Pitfall, Garfield, Daffy Duck, Star Wars, Matchbox Kids, Clue(do), Tazmanian Devil, Connect Four, Mousetrap.