£17k of Chad advertising to be won

CHAD has announced its fantastic roll-out of prize advertising packages that are up for grabs for the top three winners of its Local Business Accelerators competition.

The competition is part of the National Newspaper Society’s £15m nationwide LBA scheme which helps to raise the profiles of the winning companies and promotes the importance of advertising for successful businesses.

Editor Tracy Powell said: “We’re delighted to announce the ad packages that will be up for grabs for those three lucky fledgling companies who win our LBA competition and show they have potential, great product ideas and plans to crate jobs.”

The first placed Chad LBA winner will get £7,894-worth of advertising, the second placed competitor will get £5,727-worth of advertising and the third placed runner-up will get £4,297- worth of advertising.

To enter visit www.accelerateme.co.uk before the 14th November deadline. A shortlist will be announced by 6th February, 2013, before regional winners will be put into a national contest.

Companies must be between one and three-years-old and show potential, a great product or idea with plans to venture into new markets.

National entries will be in with a chance of winning £10,000, a top ad campaign and mentoring from TV’s Dragon’s Den business celebrity Deborah Meaden.

Dragon’s Den TV star and entrepreneur Deborah Meaden is backing the Local Business Accelerator competition roll out for the second year running and offering her services as a mentor for the winner of the national title.

She said: “With last year’s LBA having demonstrated the unique power of local and regional press to provide a meaningful boost to promising young businesses, I am delighted to be supporting the initiative once again.

“The campaign provided tangible examples of the real contribution local newspapers can provide to young busineses across many different sectors. Enterprise and entrepreneurism in the local community is more impartant than ever before and I look forward to finding another business to mentor.”

and drive forward.”

Last year’s regional DT winner was IT firm Reduce, Reuse WEEECycle and the national LBA winner Ilkley Brewery, in Yorkshire, has been receiving mentoring from Deborah and with LBA support it has expanded and been able to take on new staff.

expert backing: LBA Ambassador and TV star Deborah Meaden.