Business support for BID initiative

WE are writing in response to an article (Chad, 12th September) and the letter sent in by Elaine McGreade two weeks later regarding the Mansfield BID. We are aware of the issues that other businesses have with Mansfield BID Team but, we wanted to show our support as we have found them to be invaluable and totally agree with Elaine MaGreade’s letter.

We work in an office on St John Street and have a real issue with drug users using the back of our properties and leaving their discarded needles and other rubbish.

We have in the past, contacted various services, who wouldn’t help clear the debris left. In the last few months we have had contact with the Mansfield BID Team who have since cleared all the debris. On 24th September 2012, we had an issue with our soakaway at the rear of the office which usually clears the rainwater away.

But, as we had a downpour and the soakaway was blocked with needles etc this would have resulted in flooding of the office and we were not able to clear the drain and needles floating in the water. If the Mansfield BID Team hadn’t been around to help our office would have flooded considerably. The team have been professional yet friendly in their manner, they are totally committed to their jobs and we have every confidence that the Mansfield BID Team initiative will continue to be of value and other businesses in our area in the future.

Mrs M. Grainger and

Mrs L. Jones,

Address supplied.