Burglars in Warsop are gaining entry through cat flaps

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BURGLARS in Warsop are using cat and dog flaps to gain entry to properties.

Residents are being urged to be cautious following three similar burglaries in the Warsop area – two of which involved gaining access through cat and dog flaps.

Items were stolen from houses in Warsop and Church Warsop between Friday 9th November and Sunday 11th November.

Two of the burglaries occurred in Barn Owl Close, Church Warsop.

A handbag was stolen after someone used a brick to prop open a cat flap in the back door of a property at around 7am on Sunday.

Police believe some sort of stick or pole was used to pull the handbag outside.

Another house in the street was targeted between Saturday 10th November and Sunday 11th November.

The offender got inside the house through an unlocked back door, which had a dog flap, and a laptop and cash was stolen.

In a third incident in Saville Way, Warsop, between Friday 9th November and Sunday 11th November a TV and DVDs were stolen after the burglar got hold of the house keys through a dog flap in the back door. They also forced entry into an outdoor shed and stole a caravan awning.

Police are advising residents to follow a few simple precautions to ensure they do not become victims.

Detective Constable Stuart Temple, from Mansfield Woodhouse CID, said: “I urge people to check their doors and windows before going out or going to bed to ensure their homes are secure.

“And don’t leave things on show or close to the window during the night or when you’re not in. People with cat or dog flaps should also be reminded not to leave their keys or valuables near the door - thieves will think nothing of reaching through to steal your prized possessions.”

Anyone with information about the burglaries should contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.