Bungling Mansfield robbers identified by their pants.

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Two bungling teenage criminals were nailed by police after officers recognised the pair by the underwear they were caught on CCTV wearing during a violent robbery.

Reece Winfield (18) and Corey Hobson (17) were arrested two days after the raid on Ling Forest News, Ling Forest Court, Mansfield, wearing the same pants which were visible above their low-slung jeans on camera.

The pair, from Top Valley, Nottingham, and the Oaktree Lane estate had both pleaded guilty to the robbery on the afternoon of 5th February at an earlier hearing.

Nottingham Crown Court was told today by prosecutor Ian Way how the pair burst in on terrified shopkeeper Parmjeet Singh shouting loudly and grabbing him by the throat.

Mr Singh managed to hold off Hobson, who was trying to hit him with a rock, while Winfield stole as many cigarettes as they could carry.

The pair smashed a bottle of Vodka as they fled the shop.

Three minutes later, 500 metres from the scene of their crime, Winfield took a photo of Hobson with their stolen bounty and it was posted on Facebook.

Also posted was a photograph of Hobson’s bloodied finger, which he had injured during the robbery.

And as if that was not incriminating enough, when someone posted a copy of an online article about the robbery on Facebook, Hobson commented ‘Hehehe that’s me’

Hobson and Winfield were both jailed for three years.

Detective Sergeant Phil Sims, of Mansfield CID, said: “These two made it very easy for us to track them down and, in the end, you could say they were well and truly caught with their pants down.

“They obviously thought it was funny to brag about their crime, sparing no thought for their victim, who they left battered and bruised and counting the cost of their theft and damage.”

The pair had also pleaded guilty to attempted arson after they filmed themselves lighting and throwing a home-made petrol bomb into the street in Bakewell Drive, Top Valley, just two days before the raid.

Detectives found the video on Winfield’s phone during the investigation into the Mansfield robbery.

Minor Hobson can be named after Judge Andrew Hamilton agreed to lift restrictions on identifying him following an application Chad reporter Ben McVay.