Bulwell woman escapes second house fire on same street

A Bulwell mum is lucky to be alive after a fire forced her to flee her burning home.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th April 2015, 5:26 pm
Bulwell house fire, Grindon Crescent.
Bulwell house fire, Grindon Crescent.

The fire broke out at tea-time on Tuesday and comes just weeks after another blaze on the same street left one man dead.

Frantic neighbours used garden hoses and buckets of water in both incidents in a desperate bid to fight the flames before firefighters arrived at the two Grindon Crescent properties.

In the first fire on Friday 3rd April, housholders were beaten back by smoke as they desperately tried to break down the door to rescue pensioner Roy Gadsby.

But despite firefighters rescuing the 83 year-old, he died in hospital a day later.

Now, just over three weeks later, disaster has struck the same street again.

The drama unfolded as Georgette Gardner was sat in her front room when a noise caused her to be concerned.

“I heard a large popping sound coming from the kitchen and went to see what it was and discovered the fire,” said the 43 year-old.

“I grabbed the phone, ran out the side door fast and called the fire brigade.

“They turned up pretty quick but it seemed like a lifetime.”

The Boots factory worker has lived in the house for 11 years with her 24 year-old son, who was not at home at the time of the fire.

Fire investigation officers have since been looking into why it started but say investigations are ongoing.

“I thought it must have been the boiler or something but the fire officers can’t seem to find the reason, which is frustrating,” added the homeowner.

The blaze has severely damaged the property, especially to the rear of the house where the fire started, before spreading to the roof, garden fence and decking.

It also spread to her neighbour’s property, damaging a satellite dish, window and decking area.

Added Mrs Gardner: “I’ve been told that it could take at least four months to repair all the damage but luckily my father lives close by and we have gone to live with him temporarily.”

Mrs Gardner’s neighbours, Kevin and Barbara Draycott, live two doors away and were some of the people who tried to help.

“We heard a commotion and thought it was just kids playing but then heard someone shout fire,” said Mr Draycott. “We went outside and saw what was happening and grabbed our hosepipe to try and put out the flames.”

It was a similar story just weeks before when around 11.15pm, neighbours raised the alarm at Mr Gadsby’s house where he had lived all his life.

“We had just gone to bed and heard noises and banging from outside,” said Colin Cresswell, who lives two doors away. “Neighbours from across the street had spotted the fire at Roy’s and had gone round the back to try and get in.

“The street was soon full of fire engines, an ambulance and the police.

“Roy, like me, had lived in his house all his life as his parents lived there before him.”

It is believed that Mr Gadsby didn’t have any family living nearby but was a regular visitor to Hucknall Road Post Office.

Sub-postmaster, Mr Taza Rasiwala, remembered him as a ‘quiet man’.

“Roy was a regular customer and would come into the shop two or three times a week,” said Mr Rasiwala. “He said he was a cinema projectionist in his younger days. It is very sad.”