Bulwell students’ key part in seminar

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Ten teenage students representing Bulwell Academy have played their parts in the success of the National Council of Young Women’s (NCYW) seventh annual Intergenerational Seminar.

Bulwell Academy’s contingent made up of Ellie Flint,Siza Dube , Jessica Mitchell, Sharna Ledbetter, Leah Needham, Kira Hallam, Sydney Miles, Tannah Cantrell, Shannon Pole Johnson, and Aimee Lindley all made telling contributions during fascinating morning and afternoon sessions.

Former Headteacher Barbara Maddison,who lives in Bulwell, was the driving force behind the seminar whose theme “ Troubled and Troublesome Teenagers”, provided much food for thought for those in attendance.

Jackie Morgan, who is Assistant Principal at the academy, expressed her pride in the contributions made by her students some of whom took to the stage to give their thoughts and feelings about relevant issues on the agenda, for the first time.

“The girls’ intelligent and carefully thought out observations were given with confidence and sincerity,” she said.

“They were a credit to the Academy and showed real interest in the subject matter.”.

Barbara Maddison, event organiser, said “The theme for our seminar has provided much food for thought.

“It is good to see the teenage students and our more mature members interacting and discussing serious issues which can have a lasting effect on people’s lives.”

After the seminar MrsMaddison issued an invitation to local schools or academies wishing to involve themselves in the NCYW’s next seminar to contact her on 0115 9278187.