Bulwell group seeking to set up pitch and track

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A frustrated Bulwell group are seeking help from their MP to ‘get things moving’ with a long-delayed community project.

Bulwell Hall Estate Tenants and Residents Association are trying to set up a football pitch and running track on Totley Close.

But problems with the preparatory work have caused the eagerly-awaited scheme to get bogged down.

At a meeting of the group in the estate’s Healthy Living Centre, the association decided to ask for support from Nottingham North Labour MP Graham Allen.

The association chairman, Sheila Loades, said: “The project has dragged on for nearly five years and there is still no sign of when it will come to fruition.”

She claimed that despite work carried out so far, the land had not been correctly surveyed and it had not been levelled off deeply enough.

Sheila added that the former housing site needed to be re-classified as parks and open space to attract further funding.

The meeting was told that the delay was annoying because the amenity would greatly benefit young people of the estate.

A man at the meeting said his brother, who was an expert in this sort of work, might be able to assist.

Mr Allen later told the Dispatch he would be happy to do what he could to help the association make progress with the project.