BULWELL: Family pays tribute to ‘bubbly, happy’ Kelsie-Leigh, 7

Kelsie-Leigh Larvin.
Kelsie-Leigh Larvin.

The devastated family of a seven-year-old girl who died after an asthma attack say they will remember her as a ‘bubbly, happy character’.

Kelsie-Leigh Larvin passed away after collapsing at her Bannerman Road home in Highbury Vale.

Her grandad, Mark, desperately battled to save the Cantrell Primary School pupil’s life by performing CPR on her bedroom floor - but she never woke up.

This week her heartbroken mum Chantelle (28)revealed how her daughter had been rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties four times before - but on the day she died, everything had appeared to be normal.

She said: “Kelsie had been running around and playing on the trampoline as she always did.

“She went to bed as usual but then woke me up at around 11.30pm saying she didn’t feel well and asked if she could have her inhaler.

“Her lip was blue and wasn’t clearing so I phoned for the paramedics.

“As I was on the phone, she let out a horrible scream and stopped breathing almost straight away after that.

“Everything was happening so quickly - one minute she’s fine, the next minute she’s gone.

“The last thing she said to me was that she really loved me.”

Mark Larvin (51), Kelsie-Leigh’s grandad, spoke of how he fought in vain to save her.

He said: “This was the third time I had performed CPR on her but this was different.

“She had a fit and bit her tongue and it seemed to me as if she had given up this time - she went all stiff and then limp.

“I am devastated. You expect to bury your parents, but you never dream that you’ll have to bury your grand-daughter.”

The family said that Kelsie-Leigh was a ‘bubbly, happy’ character, who lived life to the full.

Chantelle said: “She loved dancing, singing, dressing-up and role-playing.

“She loved to perform in front of you and enjoyed being the star of the show.

“She was very popular at school and enjoyed playing with her friends Felicity and Leshay.”

Kelsie will be also missed by her two sisters, eight-year-old Holly and three-year-old Ellie.

Despite struggling to come to terms with the death of her daughter, Chantelle paid tribute to the local community for rallying around her family in their time of need.

She said: “The reaction has been absolutely fantastic, with collections on streets and in pubs, minute’s silences at football matches, and a huge turnout at the funeral.”

News of Kelsie-Leigh’s death on 4th September has sent shockwaves through Cantrell Primary School in Bulwell.

Said headteacher, Debbie Weaver: “The level of support the school has received from everybody has been overwhelming.

“Kelsie was a bright, bubbly pupil who was much-loved by everyone she came into contact with.

“She will be sadly missed by all her school-mates and the wider school community.”

An inquest is expected to be held into Kelsie-Leigh’s death early next year.