Bulwell family-owned business offers reward after recycling unit sets alight

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A family owned business in Bulwell is offering a £2,000 reward after a suspected arsonage at their property.

Fire crews put out nine tonnes of plastics, cardboards and paper at Go 4 Greener recycling unit on Dabell Avenue last night.

Co-owner Wayne Turton said he is upset and frustrated.

He said: “These are tough economic times as it is and we are doing our best not to cut jobs. We are mortified because it is a family company and we have lost £2,000 of material and had about £15 ,000 to £20,000 worth of damage.

“I am putting a reward out to see if anyone was involved then they can be caught and dealt with.

“We are meeting with the police and fire service this afternoon to see if an investigation can be launched.”

Fire crews from Stockhill and Arnold were called to the property around 7pm on the 29th August after workman Alan Bennett saw the flames.

He was working late at nearby business Plastics Plus Ltd.

Mr Bennett, who has worked at the business for 10 years, said: “I was first on the scene and called the fire brigade.

“I was just closing up when I saw the flames soaring into the air.

“I was slightly worried about our building because the wind was blowing this way but we were seperated by a road.

“It was scary just how big it got so quickly but the fire crews were here within five minutes.”

Mr Turton and his brother Sam have run Go 4 Greener for seven years.

Mr Turton continued: “The damage could have been a lot worse if the fire crews didn’t get here so quickly.

“Me and my wife were terrified when we got the call last night saying our property was on fire and we got no sleep. We are carrying on as normal but we need to make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else.”

A police spokesman said CCTV footage will be reviewed to see if a crime has been committed.