Bulwell driver sped through level crossing

The driver of a white van sped through a level-crossing in Bulwell while the lights were flashing and the barriers were descending, a court heard.

Now Katie Jane Smith (33), has been blasted by a district judge for behaviour “bordering on the dangerous” and told she could be banned from driving.

Smith, of Fenton Drive, Bulwell, is charged with driving without due care and attention at the Bulwell Forest level-crossing on St Albans Road/Carey Road.

The case was brought by British Transport Police. Smith failed to turn up for the hearing at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court this week, but it went ahead in her absence.

Wayne Wallis (prosecuting) explained that Smith was seen by two police officers on Carey Road driving the van towards the crossing on the morning of Saturday 6th July.

Mr Wallis read to the court statements by the two officers, Pc Stuart Hutton and Pc Alexander Price.

The lights were on red and the sirens were sounding at the crossing to signal that a tram or train was approaching.

But the officers saw “the van carry on, accelerate and go over the crossing while the barriers were dropping”.

They followedand stopped it before Pc Price spoke to the driver and cautioned her for careless driving, Mr Wallis continued.

The court heard that Smith was later sent a letter, asking her to offer an explanation but didn’t respond.

District Judge Morris Cooper felt Smith should be given an opportunity to attend court and give her side of the story. He adjourned until Monday 4th November.

“Driving through red lights with the barriers coming down is bordering on dangerous, and the court has to consider disqualification,” said Mr Cooper.