Building site has left public right of way ’a quagmire’ say residents

Rob Aldread (right) at the building site for 36 homes at Skegby.
Rob Aldread (right) at the building site for 36 homes at Skegby.

Angry Skegby residents claim a property developer has breached planning conditions by starting work early on a controversial development.

Rippon Homes has begun clearing the site for 36 dwellings on land between the north of Mansfield Road and Pleasley Road – but residents have now accused the developer of breaching planning conditions by starting work before final plans have been approved.

However, the firm says it is working within the rules

Campaigner Rob Aldread said “It is a material breach of the planning conditions that the developer has been working on the site for more than two weeks now in advance of the necessary approvals being in place.

“A diversion of a public right of way must have detailed design and specifications approved by the authority.

“The proposed treatment of the site’s boundaries and a phasing scheme for the implementation should have been submitted to and agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. This has not happened.

“The public right of way has been destroyed.

“It has been fenced off, but is now a quagmire.

“They should at least stick to the rules before they go ahead and build things.”

A spokeswoman for Rippon Homes said, “Operations at our Skegby site are being conducted in accordance with planning conditions.

“The public right of way between Mansfield Road and Back Lane has been secured and a banksman will be sited there permanently during working hours, to ensure safe passage.

“Outside of working hours the access point will be secured and left open for people to use.

“We will continue to work closely with the local authority to deliver these much needed, high quality new homes.”

Ashfield District Council said it was keeping a “very close eye” on the work.

Robert Mitchell, council chief executive, said: “The planning team are not turning a blind eye to the developer progressing with work on the site.

“They are keeping a very close eye on what is being carried out and that works are not contrary to the planning permission that has been granted.

“It is accepted that there are some pre-commencement conditions outstanding and these require details to be approved.

“However, none of the details are affected by the works currently being undertaken.”