BT to super charge ‘net speeds in Mansfield

ONLINE business and pleasure is set to get a major speed boost after BT announced plans to bring super fast broadband to the district.

The telecoms firm revealed on Monday plans to upgrade exchanges in Mansfield and surrounding areas in 2012 allowing 38,000 households to access fibre optic speeds - several times faster than what is currently available.

The announcement came a week after business experts told Chad slow speeds were affecting local firms and causing them to consider leaving the town. Towns like Ripley, Chesterfield and Worksop had already received the upgrade.

Irvin Robinson, Mansfield 2020 chairman, said he was absolutely delighted Mansfield had finally been given the chance to catch up with other parts of the country which enjoyed super fast internet access.

He said internet users should take up the offer of faster speeds now BT had pledged to upgrade the town’s broadband.

“I would compare it to a marathon - this means businesses in Mansfield finally able to get to the starting line, and a little bit over it, in the race to keep up with the latest advances in technology.

“It is something that householders should take full advantage of because these faster speeds will be of benefit to the private individual, as well.”

Kay Cutts, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, said BT’s announcement was great news and its importance to the economy of Nottinghamshire could not be underestimated.

“Access to fast broadband is absolutely vital for local firms and households. It gives businesses a competitive edge in today’s crowded marketplace and provides access to new markets with the potential of new jobs.

“I welcome BT’s announcement as it represents real progress and I look forward to a time when this vital part of our communications infrastructure is available everywhere in Nottinghamshire.”

Paul Bimson, BT’s regional partnership director said: “This latest major investment is a tremendous boost for Mansfield. Super-fast broadband will be welcomed by families throughout the area because it will help improve their quality of life and leisure and open new doors through online learning and fast access to information and services.”

And it’s also going to provide a huge fillip for businesses and the Nottinghamshire economy. At a stroke, small and medium sized firms will have access to big business speeds at much lower costs allowing them to find new markets, boost their competitiveness and create new jobs.

“Faster upstream speeds are a boon for flexible and remote working, slashing office overheads and improving employees’ work-life balance.

“Large graphic and video files can be sent immediately online instead of being physically delivered to customers on hard disk. And high quality voice and video calls will enable businesses to save time travelling to clients without losing direct customer contact.”