Brunts students write about their experiences at Auschwitz

A PAIR of A-Level students from the Brunts Academy in Mansfield have documented the horrors of what happened at the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz on a blog.

Adam Whittaker and Chelsea Rushton set up the website to tell the community about the Holocaust, which saw millions of Jews, gypsies, communists and other groups murdered at camps such as Auschwitz before and during the Second World War.

Their website, which is called Auschwitz and the Holocaust, contains factual information about the atrocities, along with descriptions of the visit to the camp earlier this year which was organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust.

The website also has an article about Holocaust survivor Zigi Shipper who describes his ordeal at Auschwitz

In the article, Adam and Chelsea have written: “Speaking for everybody that heard him speak, he made us see the Holocaust in a different perspective and it really emphasises that we all deal with numbers, but every single person was an individual and experienced these horrible things, lost family members, did or did not survive.

“We tend to forget this when we think about the loss of life and Zigi’s testimony taught us a lot about that.”

• You can read about Adam and Chelsea’s experience by visiting