Brunts School pupils put their skills to the test with TV favourite Countdown

A new and exciting inter-house competition has just been held at Mansfield’s Brunts School, modelled on Channel 4’s popular quiz programme Countdown.

Enthusiastic pupils from each year group, from Year 7 to sixth form, took part.

Each team comprised four players representing their house from each year.

Members of staff from the English and maths department made up ‘Dictionary Corner’ and ‘Number Wall’ respectively.

The audience was made up of parents, pupils and staff who were encouraged to support and take part in the Conundrum.

Pupils from Years 7 and 8 were the first to compete against the clock, and just about managed to control their nerves as the seconds ticked away in the silence of the makeshift studio setting.

After the initial round of solving the numbers and making up the words from the letters the pupils soon relaxed and excitement quickly overtook their inhibitions evident at the beginning.

Competition was fierce with the team representing Oak House being the successful winner of the Year 7 round, followed by Willow House pupils fighting off the team from Maple House to win the Year 8 stage by two points.

A huge congratulation must go to a Year 7 parent in the audience, Mrs Harwood, who completed the conundrum.

The next round saw players from Year 11 and sixth form. Again there was a very strong competitive spirit and some high scoring games.

In the end however Oak House was the dominant winner of both rounds, with the Year 11s getting the top score of 41 points.

The competition was rounded off with teams made up of players from Years 9 and 10.

By the end of afternoon there were plenty of giggling girls and chirpy chappies extolling the virtues of an enjoyable, fun-packed competition.

Rowan House finally won a round with Ethan Harwood gaining a crucial conundrum worth 10 points to clinch the Year 9 round.

This was followed by a very close fought Year 10 stage that was won by Maple House.

Once all the scores and been verified and a grand total for each house established the winning house was identified - Rowan House.