Britain First on Sherwood hunt for migrants that aren't there

Jayda Fransen of Britain First is campaigning to 'shut down migrant camps' in Sherwood Forest. There aren't any.
Jayda Fransen of Britain First is campaigning to 'shut down migrant camps' in Sherwood Forest. There aren't any.

Right-wing campaigners are exploiting a myth already debunked by the Chad to generate fear of foreigners.

The far-right Party known for bursting into mosques and operating 'Christian Patrols' has leafleting residents on a campaign to ‘shut down illegal migrant camp’ in Sherwood Forest which the Chad has already found do not exist.

After a previous video of the group abusing a homeless couple, deputy leader, Jayda Fransen has now released footage claiming numerous residents have been reporting the ‘real issue’, although police and Forestry officials have already refuted claims that anyone is living in the woodland and residents have no need for concern.

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Kids who built Sherwood camp respond to 'shameful' remarks

In the video she claims

The Chad first published reports of a large group living in the forest near Meden Vale, after concerns were raised on social media. After investigating we found there was no significant evidence and even found that a large treehouse, said to be a ‘migrant camp’ was actually built by a group of local teens in 2010.

The group have condemned the response to the baseless reports.

Jessica Rimmington, now 22, used to join the group for nights in the forest when she was a teenager. She said: “It was built for such a beautiful reason, with the end of a group of teenagers’ summers together before they went on to begin adult life.

“I think it’s disgusting that someone’s made such a silly story up. I’m very tired of people arguing with me and saying ‘yes people are living up there’ when it’s quite blatant that they are not.”

“His (the source’s) assumption to blame foreigners is disgusting and embarrassing. The man in the video should be ashamed of himself. He has concocted a wonderfully entertaining story to express his anti-EU view however that is all that it is, a fictional story.

“The truth in his tale is as real as unicorns and fairies.”