Breast-cancer gran slams Facebook video ‘nudity’ critic

FUNDRAISING FRIEND -- Angie (left) with Tiffanie McKenzie, who helped raise about �1,000 at her dance school.
FUNDRAISING FRIEND -- Angie (left) with Tiffanie McKenzie, who helped raise about �1,000 at her dance school.

A grandmother who bared her right breast in a video to show how she was recovering from cancer was reported to Facebook for ‘nudity’.

Now Angie Scothern has fired a defiant message to the complainant as she continues her inspirational fundraising for the Macmillan charity.

“To the nice person who reported me to Facebook to have my video removed -- sorry to tell you that you have failed,” Angie (58), of Sutton, said. “Facebook has found nothing unacceptable about it. I was offended, but I don’t care. You didn’t bother me. Nobody can hurt me.

“It’s just a shame that you couldn’t put your name to it if you feel that strongly about it -- as I do about my cause. I don’t need such negativity in my life.”

Angie has been filming her journey through cancer treatment -- from the initial diagnosis and chemotherapy sessions, to her surgery to remove a breast and the aftermath, She thought the videos would help raise awareness of “what cancer was really like”.

She is refusing to let the Facebook controversy dampen her amazing positivity, which all started when she held a head-shaving party at her Carsic Estate home.

“Within a few hours of the complaint about the video, I’d had 180 new friend-requests,” Angie revealed. “So it actually generated more interest and more publicity, which can only be good. I have answered every one personally.”

Angie has also been overwhelmed by the level of support she has received. Not just from husband Martin (48), a self-employed roofer, daughter Lianne, who “has been a rock”, son Gary and her four grandsons, but also from her ex-husband Gary Else, who has helped with shopping, and a legion of friends.

One friend, 22-year-old Tiffanie McKenzie, organised a special fundraising day at her dance and fitness school, Step Up in Sutton, which raised about £1,000. “I was so proud of her and couldn’t thank her enough,” said Angie. “There was a sponsored dance, tombola, sweet stall, face-painting, hook-a-duck, a bouncy castle, a chocolate fountain and kids could get their photos taken with people dressed in costumes such as Mickey Mouse and Batman.

“I’ve also had an Indian night at the Vhojon restaurant in Mansfield, where the owner wrote out a cheque for £700. So far, I have raised £5,500.”