Brave Mansfield mum dares to bare before breast cancer prevention opp

A brave mum who has an hereditary gene which increases the likeliness for breast cancer has dared to bare for a charity journal.

Natasha Hibbert, 30, of Beresford Road, Mansfield Woodhouse took part in a photoshoot to raise awareness for the BRCA1 gene, which if present could increase the chance of developing breast cancer by 85 per cent.

Natasha was diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene after her cousin developed breast cancer.

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She said: “My Mum developed breast cancer when she was 46 years old but we didn’t know there was a hereditary gene at fault until my cousin sadly passed away last year from breast cancer.

“She was only 28 years old and this was an extremely difficult time for us all, she was tested positive for the gene.

“Her sister got tested and was also positive. It turned out that the gene was passed down though my mum’s brother so I went for a test.

“I don’t know why but I expected it, I was mentally prepared so it wasn’t a shock.”

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Natasha who is a mum of two now plans to have a prophylactic mastectomy with implants in January, which is a simular operation that Angelina Jolie went though in 2013.

She said: “To be honest I am just one of those people who get on with things.

“I am worried about the recovery, not being able to lift but I have a good support network.

“It was the first time I had met the other ladies who were also doing the shoot and it just turned out that we got along. They had all had a mastectomy so I got to lean what to expect from it.”

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The journal features twelve woman who have the gene and will tell their story but also leave blank paper for the buyer to write in.

Natasha, who applied for the shoot when she saw it on Facebook, said: “We are raising awareness for a gene most people probably have not heard of.

“The test to find out if you have the gene is regularly available, if your family has a history go and have the test, it is better to know you have it.”

The journal will be released in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month and money raised will go to the Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline.

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It is sponsored by Anita, who design post-surgical lingerie and swimwear for people who have gone through a mastectomy.

Natasha was taken to their head offices in Brannenburg Germany and Kufstein Austria for the photoshoot which took place in one of their warehouses.

She said: “We stayed in a lovely hotel in the mountains.

“We were all a bit nervous but excited.

“It was nice to have my make up and hair done but it was odd to be in my underwear while people in the warehouse were doing their normal day jobs.”

You can buy the journal at priced at £9.99.