Brave dad saves neighbour from house blaze

Steve Evans rescued a neighbour from a hosue fire on Carlton Street Mansfield.
Steve Evans rescued a neighbour from a hosue fire on Carlton Street Mansfield.

A quick thinking Mansfield dad has been hailed a hero after he rescued a neighbour from a house blaze.

Steve Evans 40 lifted a woman to safety from a bedroom window after climbing on a wheelie bin as fire swept through the house on Carlton Street on New Year’s Day.

Lorry driver Steve told how time stood still as he managed to save the woman, alert neighbours and smash down a door in an attempt to rescue two dogs and kittens in just minutes.

The dramatic events began around 10am as most people were in bed recovering from New Years Eve celebrations.

Steve said: “I had just got out of the bath when my wife told me there was smoke coming out of the house across the road.

“I ran out and I could see head at the top of the bedroom window and a pair of legs.

“The girl was trying to get out but she was wary of falling.

“I jumped on a wheelie bin and grabbed hold of her, told her I was there and managed to lower her down to the floor.

“There was a lad in there with her and he was brave enough to get himself out.

“He was shouting that his dogs were still in the house and we tried to kick the front door in to get to them.”

“He kicked the panel in but I couldn’t see the dogs.”

“It all happened ever so fast - I ran up to another house and borrowed a hammer and went to break the door down.

“I went inside and my instinct was to run inside and try and get the dogs out. I couldn’t see a thing. When I got outside the dogs were with their owner.

“During all that it seemsI had knocked the neighbours up as well.”

Firefighters from Mansfield and Edwinstowe tackled the blaze which is thought to have started due to an electrical fault.

The man and woman named locally as Reece and Kady were treated at the scene by paramedics and given oxygen.

Neighbour Paul Gascoigne 36, said: “Steve is a top guy I was still in bed when I heard him banging on the door. I can’t thank him enough really . There was smoke coming into my house at that point.

“He rescued the girl and the fire was quite ferocious. The firefighters did a great job and kept everything calm”

Both kittens survived the fire and one was found by police hiding in the house and was given oxygen treatment.