Bradley launches Warsop survey to discover area’s ‘issues’

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Mansfield MP Ben Bradley has started the new year by commissioning a survey to be sent to every resident of Warsop.

It is part of an ongoing ‘fact-finding’ agenda that the new MP has been undertaking, to find out what are the true issues affecting people, groups, areas and communities within the Mansfield constituency are, and how best people think we can address them.

On the survey, Mr Bradley asks eight questions over a range of topics, such as the closure of the sports centre, anti-social behaviour, lack of investment and young people’s aspirations.

Speaking of his survey, Mr Bradley said: “Since being elected, I’ve met a lot of people in the constituency, as well as community groups and local organisations, and the feedback I always get about Warsop is that it’s forgotten about, or that nobody bothers with Warsop.

“This is something that I want to remedy, but to do that, I think it’s important that the people of Warsop’s voices are heard. That’s why I’ve sent this survey out, to ask people who actually live in Warsop what their priorities are, and what they actually want to change, as well as how they think we should go about doing that.

“I ask a few questions on the survey, but there’s plenty of room on there for any thoughts or ideas, and it’s a freepost return, so doesn’t cost anything to send it back to me. Whether your views are positive or negative, do please get back to me and let me know.

“A lot of people say that they never hear from politicians until election time, so this is really a chance to hear from everyone in Warsop.”

Warsop, which is subdivided into 4 electoral wards, has a population of over 10,000 residents, roughly one seventh of the population of the constituency of Mansfield.

Mr Bradley’s survey is being sent to every household in the Warsop area, approximately 5,000 households, over the course of the coming week.

If you do not receive a survey over the next two weeks, please contact Ben’s office on 01623 372 016 to arrange for one to be sent to you.