Boys ‘sex attack’ on eight-year-old girl

A MANSFIELD mum who says her eight-year-old daughter was ‘sexually assaulted’ at school has criticised the punishment handed out to the two boys responsible.

The girl was allegedly pinned up against a wall and kicked while the pair of boys, who are also aged eight and in the same class, carried out the attack.

Her 24-year-old mother said the schoolgirl was left upset and frightened by the incident, which took place earlier this month.

And she says the two boys should be suspended for a lengthy period of time or even excluded from school.

“I was shocked when I first found out,” she said.

“But now I feel angry because of the way it has been handled. I do not want my daughter anywhere near the boys and I don’t think other parents would want their kids near them either.”

The girl’s mother, who Chad cannot name for legal reasons, says the incident happened when her daughter went to the toilet during afternoon break.

She claims they waited for her outside and then pinned her against the wall.

“Both had hold of her and would not let her go,” she said.

“She approached the playground teacher but it was the end of break so was not able to say what happened.”

The girl then told her grandma when she got home and later informed her mother what had happened.

“The next day I was very angry because of the way the headteacher spoke to me and the punishment which has been given to the boys,” she added.

According to the mum, they have both been told to write a letter saying ‘sorry’ and one of the boys has been told to stay off school for two days.

“I think it is pathetic,” the girl’s mum said. “They should be excluded from school or at the very least suspended for a couple of weeks so they know the seriousness of what they have done.

“It should be made clear it is wrong and not acceptable behaviour.”

ParentsOutloud, a group set up into give parents a voice in education, says the boys and the girl involved should be kept at home until a full investigation has been held.

Margaret Morrissey, founder of, said: “By the very nature of the way this is being dealt with, it says to an outsider there would seem to be things not being revealed about the children involved.”

John Peck, a former headteacher at a Mansfield Woodhouse primary school, said cases of this type involving young children were very rare.

“Sometimes young children do things which are of a sexual nature without fully understanding what they are doing,” Mr Peck, a spokesman for the National Association of Head Teachers, said.

“It could be just children being children or it could be something in the background of the particular child which you don’t know about.

“I am sure the headteacher has investigated it fully and taken the appropriate action. It is very much a matter of judgement for the individual headteacher as it is very difficult to set guidelines because every case is different.

“If the parent is not satisfied they should ask about the complaints procedure which every school has.”

Chad is not able to name the school, but the social care department at Nottinghamshire County Council has been informed.

Steve Edwards, service director for social care, said: “We always take allegations of this type of behaviour seriously.

“For reasons of confidentiality it would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this time.”

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said yesterday that no incident had been reported and officers were not investigating as the individuals concerned were below the age of criminal responsibility.