‘Boy racers’ given vehicle seizure warnings in Mansfield town centre


Police have handed out five vehicle seizure warnings in Mansfield town centre in the past week in a bid to crack down on ‘nuisance drivers’.

On Sunday, September 20 three vehicles were seen separately wheel spinning, driving at speed and revving engines at Mansfield Leisure Park. Two other vehicles were seen racing each other on Nottingham Road.

The operation will continue on different nights in an attempt to target other nuisance drivers in the area.

Sergeant Colin Kirkup said: “It is crucial that we target nuisance drivers around Mansfield. This kind of driving not only put their lives at risk, but potentially other members of the public too.

“In addition to this operation, we are hoping to have a Public Spaces Protection Order put in place in November for a period of three years, which will allow police officers to disperse nuisance drivers across the town centre.”