Bomb squad blows up WWI grenades in Forest Town...after being called out for a false alarm

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Police conducted a controlled explosion on an industrial estate after a number of century-old grenades were found on-site - but only after they had been first called out for a false alarm.

Cops received the call at around 2.30pm yesterday, Monday September 28, to Veolia recycling plant on Warren Way, on the Crown Farm Industrial Estate at Forest Town.

It was reported that a suspect package had been found on the site and all the buildings nearby were evacuated.

It was quickly established it was not an explosive device, but an electrician’s belt.

But bizarrely, a member of the public had spotted the bomb squad and then told them there was a cache of World War I grenades near to the site.

The area was formerly an army training facility during The Great War and were thought to been left over.

They were then blown up in a controlled explosion at around 6.40pm.