BOLSOVER: Skinner quizzes prime minister

NDET 98620'stock pic - Dennis Skinner
NDET 98620'stock pic - Dennis Skinner

Bolsover MP Dennis Skinner was once again trending on Twitter after quizzing the prime minister over his mortgage payments and expenses claims.

David Cameron did not directly answer the points, but told the Labour MP that he should “concentrate on the massive problem on his front bench”.

The pair have a history of feisty exchanges in the House of Commons.

Tweets included: Daniel McMahon ‏@McMahon_Daniel “Dennis Skinner is so rude. Jabbing his finger all up in the Prime Minister’s grill. Bitter old man.”

dave m ‏@Daoudmsund “Ooooh Dennis Skinner #pmqs On the subject of giving money back. Good point needs some looking at. Cammers with his hand in the till?”

Dunc MacLean ‏@dunc_maclean “Ah, Dennis Skinner. Always brings a smile to my face.”

Ian ‏@IanCampbell_ “The true Labour Party has people like Dennis Skinner. The new Labour Party has Oxbridge careerists. That’s why it’s dying.”

chris latimer ‏@justbeinganicon “Dennis Skinner has quite the abusive fan club lol.”

Trevor Seemann ‏@Trevorius “Dennis Skinner proves that he is the master of Voodoo when he sticks his pins in a real live stuffed dummy.”