Bolsover man quits alcohol following drunken attack on ex-partner

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A BOLSOVER man told a court he had stopped drinking following a boozy assault on his ex-partner.

Jason Berrow had been in a six-year relationship with Marie Saunders and visited her home regularly following the break-up to see his children.

He left his car outside her address on 12th November while going out with friends and Ms Saunders did not expect him to return until the next day.

But he went back there at 10pm and phoned her, angrily demanding to know where she was and why she had gone out.

Chesterfield magistrates were told last Wednesday that a door panel was damaged and a neighbour called police reporting a possible burglary.

Ms Saunders returned home to see Berrow (31) drinking a bottle of beer. He was abusive and asked where she had been.

“He put a hand on her throat and grabbed her clothing with his other hand. She pushed him away and he shook her shoulders violently. The complainant then left the property,” said Rachael Ward, prosecuting.

Berrow, of Owlcotes View, was arrested and told police he was angry at the time and recalled overturning a table but not grabbing or shaking Ms Saunders.

He admitted assault and magistrates adjourned sentence until 4th January for probation service reports.

“I’m very sorry for what I’ve done. I have packed in drinking completely,” Berrow told the court.

“I found out from my friends later that they had mixed some of my drinks and they kept feeding me more drinks. I haven’t touched a drop for three weeks.”

He added that he and Ms Saunders were reconciling.