Bolsover man died of natural causes

A 50-year-old Bolsover man believed to have taken a fatal drug overdose was found to have died from natural causes.

An inquest was told that Ian Ball, a former clerical worker for Derbyshire police, had a spell in hospital last September following an overdose.

He was found dead on a sofa on 13th December when police forced entry to his Welbeck Road home.

The alarm had been raised by therapy assistant David Hopkins, who visited the address and became concerned when he was unable to get a response.

Mr Hopkins, who monitors people with mental health problems in the community, said in a police statement that Mr Ball had attempted to take his own life on three previous occasions.

“There was a suspicion there might have been a drug overdose but this has been ruled out,” said Deputy North Derbyshire Coroner Nigel Anderson.

Post-mortem examination tests found that Mr Ball, a diabetic, had a “dangerously out of control” blood-glucose level.

Pathologist Dr Chris Stonard found that he had a biliary infection that had contributed to his death from diabetic ketoacidosis.

“This could have developed in a matter of days without him knowing about it,” Dr Stonard told the Chesterfield inquest.

Mr Anderson said: “It looks like his illness has blown up over about four days. The ketoacidosis was almost certainly diabetic in origin.”

He recorded a verdict of death from natural causes on Mr Ball.