Bolsover District Council look to fight fly-tip blight

Bolsover District Council has launched a ‘Fly Tip of the Week’ scheme in an effort to tackle the fly-tipping and litter which blights the local countryside.

Every week the council is publishing a photograph and details of material dumped in the district on its website and social networking sites with the hope that someone will have seen the incident or know who the items belong to.

If anyone has seen the incident or recognises what has been dumped, they can contact the council confidentially by completing an on-line fly-tipping form or telephoning 01246 242424, stating the location and description of the incident from the website.

Bolsover District Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Coun Dennis Kelly said: “This is our latest weapon in trying to tackle this problem.

“We cannot be everywhere all the time, so we are using the power of the internet and social media sites to reach more people instantly.

“We are asking our local residents to be our eyes and ears and if they do see anything, they report it to us immediately so we can catch the culprits and stop them doing it again.”

To view the ‘Fly Tip of the Week’ or if you have any information about fly-tipping visit Fly Tip or telephone 01246 242424.