Bolsover District Council considers selling off Sherwood Lodge

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BOLSOVER District Council is considering selling its Sherwood Lodge base to encourage a multi-million pound regeneration of the town.

The authority is exploring whether to redevelop the offices and surrounding land to help bring about the project, which will create jobs and boost the town’s economy.

Sherwood Lodge has been identified as a potential development site and is seen to be in a prime location.

The council’s chief executive Wes Lumley said, “We have had interest for development in the town and we see Sherwood Lodge as an ideal location. However, any new development must benefit and help to strengthen the town centre, boosting further regeneration in terms of new jobs and new businesses.

“This is still very much in its infancy, but we see the exploration of this route as potentially a very good option for the town, our residents and the council as a whole as it will bring in much needed investment.

“Obviously if we do sell the site, we will need new offices and we will be looking at various options including new build, leasing existing buildings or maybe even building on the existing site.”