Bolsover bobbies take to Twitter to fight crime

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Two Bolsover bobbies have taken to Twitter to help them keep residents in the know about crime and safety.

Pc Pete Harley and PCSO Ben Perry of the Bolsover Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team are tweeting from the streets and using the social networking site to spread the word about their work.

The officers completed their training at the end of November and hope to share details of daily patrols, operations they take part in and offer safety advice.

They will also make appeals for information about local crime and raise awareness of any issues about the local community.

PCSO Ben Perry said: “Together with Pc Harley, we will be sending out timely messages about local crime, issues and events. We really want to be able to use Twitter, not only to keep people updated on our work, but to help bring the community together and

respond to queries.

“I’m a little bit more familiar with Twitter than PC Harley, but we’re both getting to know how it works and so far some of the things we have sent out have been around our anti-social behaviour patrols, work to support victims of domestic violence and the lantern parade.”

They are the first team to volunteer to make use of Twitter in the Bolsover area, and are one of 49 other policing teams across Derbyshire to manage accounts.

PCSO Perry added: “The site seems fairly popular with younger members of the community, but we’d love to engage with as many people as possible because of the way Twitter can be used to send out quick and direct messages, even when we’re on patrol.

“It’s definitely worth taking a look at, even if you’re not on Twitter at the moment, and if we can we’ll happily show you more about how we’re using the site to keep people informed.”

To follow Pc Harley and PCSO Perry on Twitter, visit the social networking site, search for @BolsoverSNT and click ‘follow’.

Derbyshire police launched its own Twitter site in 2009 and uses it to share news, appeals and information with more than 23,000 followers.

You can also follow all of Derbyshire’s neighbourhood officers on Twitter by subscribing to the Safer Neighbourhood Teams list on Twitter, or follow @DerbysPolice to receive tweets from across the county.