Bogus sex doctor Christopher Hayball is jailed after Sutton sex attack

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A MOBILITY aids salesman who sexually assaulted an 89-year-old woman in her Sutton home by pretending to be a GP, has been jailed for three years and three months.

Christopher Hayball (53) admitted a similar assault on a 74-year-old woman in Eastwood.

A judge at Nottingham crown court on Tuesday told him: “These were vile offences. As a mobility expert you took advantage of their vulnerabilities having made an assessment of these two women.

“It was a cruel deception because you adopted the persona of a professional, a GP.”

Hayball, of Mansfield Road, Heath, near Chesterfield, knew the 89-year-old victim had dementia said Jeremy Janes, prosecuting. She was a little suspicious and asked him for his details. He wrote down Dr Simpson.”

“He asked her to lie on her bed and said he was going to examine her,” said Mr Janes.

The court was then told how Hayball went on to indecently assault the victim.

He touched her stomach and, she said, fondled her breasts.

A neighbour had seen him arrive carrying a distinct blue case and driving a car lent to him by the mobility company he worked for. The woman later said she was terrified in case he came back.

His 74-year-old second victim, described as vulnerable, said he examined her to see if she had a lump.

A neighbour saw him arrive in a Chevrolet car which was parked outside his home when he was arrested on 4th September.

He pleaded guilty to the two sexual assaults in May and July this year.

He had been given a 12-month prison sentence in the past for false representations whilst bankrupt.

In mitigation it was said Hayball, a father-of-three, whose wife was in court, had worked properly in the mobility field for a number of years.

Mrs Justice Macur told him: “You went to the homes of these elderly ladies where they should have felt safe and violated them.”

Speaking after the verdict Detective Inspector Rob Severn, from Mansfield Public Protection Unit, said: “Hayball abused his victim’s trust in the most despicable and shameful way possible.

“Both women were elderly and vulnerable and trusted him because they believed he was a genuine doctor and was there to care for them.

“He exploited their trusting nature and vulnerability to commit vile acts that they should not have endured.

“A dangerous and manipulative man is now behind bars where he no longer poses a risk to innocent people.

“It took Hayball some time to admit the appalling acts he committed but now that he has accepted full responsibility, and has today been jailed, I hope his victims and their families can begin to move on from these awful events.” events.”king’s mill hospital pic