Bodging exhibition opens at Harley Gallery in Welbeck


A BRAND new exhibition which explores the relationship between traditional craft skills and contemporary design is set to open at the Harley Gallery at Welbeck.

The Bodging Project tells the story of what happened when 10 furniture designers went into the woods to go back to basics with traditional ‘bodging’ techniques - which use green, unseasoned wood and low tech tools.

The exhibition opens on 27th March and runs until 2nd June.

The 10 designers will each show different pieces of their work from ‘before the bodge’ which is a manufactured piece of furniture along with a piece made ‘at the bodge’ which is made by hand in the woods using green wood techniques.

It will also feature works from ‘after the bodge’ when the designers return to their normal practice.

Meanwhile, on 11th and 12th May, three of the bodgers will be at the Harley Gallery demonstrating the craft and giving visitors the chance to have a go themselves.

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