Blind Sutton woman struggles to get out because of broken pavements, bad parking and dog fouling

A visually impaired Sutton woman has hit out at 'inconsiderate' drivers whose parking is making getting out and about difficult for her.

Friday, 7th September 2018, 3:52 pm
Updated Friday, 7th September 2018, 3:56 pm
Kay Yallup has been registered blind since 1985

Kay Yallup has been registered blind since 1985 and has used a guide dog since 1989. She was born with toxoplasmosis which caused damage to her retinas and says she now struggles getting around Sutton thanks to inconsiderate parking, damaged pavements and dog mess. Kay, of Davies Avenue, Carsic, said: “The pavements are so uneven I can easily go over on an ankle and that’s while using my guide dog, Fudge. “If I have to use my long cane, I end up with bruised ribs due to the end of the cane getting ‘snagged’ in dips and catching on raised pavers, which in turn pushes the handle into my body. “The pavement outside our bungalow is particularly bad just in front of our gates as in the winter if it freezes and the ground is wet the puddles that have formed in the uneven ground turn to ice, making it dangerous for me.”“Fudge tries to take me around dog mess if she can, but even so, it is still a nuisance. “My opinion is if I, as a guide dog owner, can clear up if my dog does something, then pet owners should clear up.”Bad parking also hinders Kay when she is out and about, especially when drivers park on pavements.She said: “It is unnecessary, inconsiderate and just plain selfish of drivers who can’t be bothered to walk a few extra feet to get to where they want to go. “Pavement parking results in Fudge having to take me around the blockage on the road, which isn’t safe, particularly on busy roads. “Motorists may say that they leave room for someone to walk past on the pavement. However, they don’t take account of people in wheelchairs, parents with prams and, of course, guide dog owners. “Councillor Tom Hollis, Nottinghamshire County Council member for Sutton West, has been to meet Kay to hear her concerns.He said: “The state of our broken roads and pavements is something that crops up on the doorstep time and time again. “ I have raised numerous issues in and around places like Brierley, Carsic, Huthwaite and Sutton over the years. “While it is a nightmare for many residents, for Kay it really does affect her way of life. “I have arranged for Councillor John Cottee, county council highways boss, to visit next week and see for himself the terrible state of our pavements and roads.“With regards to dog mess and to parking on pavements, the small minority of residents and drivers who offend need to recognise the problems that they create. “Kay is an determined women whose independence is being put at risk by irresponsible motoristsand by other dog owners. “I will continue to help her and others.”

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What can you do if you spot a damaged pavement?

Councillor John Cottee, of Nottighamshire County Council, said: “A highways colleague and I are planning to meet Councillor Tom Hollis on September 12 to have a look at a number of issues in his division which are relevant to my portfolio, including highways. “Improving the state of our roads and pavements is one of our key priorities and is an ongoing process. “There are carriageway improvements to be undertaken this financial year in the area which include Westbourne View, Westbourne Road and St Marys Road.“We would always encourage residents who wish to report a road or pavement problem to raise it with us through our online reporting system or our customer service centre on 0300 500 8080.”