Blind marathon challenge for Hucknall’s Battle Batten dad

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Hucknall’s Andrew Dawkins is on the run- but it’s all for a good cause!

Andrew will be taking part in the Robin Hood Half Marathon this weekend in Nottingham for the Battle Batten Campaign.

But unlike the other 15,000 competitors, he will be running blindfolded assisted by family friend and appeal co-ordinator, Suzy Jackson as his guide.

His twin sons, Freddie and Louie of Annesley Road, are believed to be the only identical twins in the world with the neurodegenerative condition called Batten Disease. One of the many consequences of the condition is that the boys have lost their sight.

“I’ll only be ‘blind’ for about two hours whilst we run the marathon,” explained Andrew. “But Freddie and Louie and many others are blind all day every day.”

This is the latest of fundraising efforts to enable vital research into the boys’ particular strain of the disease.

Andrew and Suzy have been training but nothing can fully prepare them for what they could encounter on the day.

“Our main concern is running with so many other people as well as anticipating the water stations when runners will be throwing their empty cups in our path,” said Suzy.

“My aim is to complete it and get Andrew over the finishing line in one piece thinking of the boys all the way.”

Visit www.justgiving/andrewdawkins to donate.