Blidworth residents urged to fight housing plans

Local residents in Blidworth  say no to new houses being built in Blidworth
Local residents in Blidworth say no to new houses being built in Blidworth

BLIDWORTH villagers are being urged to carry the fight against unwanted new homes, despite being told the plans are in line with Government policy.

Campaigner Jon Rea made the plea following a meeting at Blidworth’s Mission Hall in which more than 80 residents quizzed Newark & Sherwood District councillor Roger Blaney about plans for the village.

More than 354 new homes were originally earmarked, reduced to 210 due to a lack of suitable sites.

They have ben earmarked for land off New Lane, Belle Vue Lane, Dale Lane and the Dale Lane allotments.

But it is likely fewer than 210 will be built as the allotment site will only become available if the parish council opted to sell the land, and the proposed area at the bottom of Dale Lane is ‘green belt’ land, on which the district council says it would rather not develop.

Tempers flared during the meeting as Coun Blaney explained how the plans were part of strategy being rolled out nationwide to provide housing for the growing population.

He said those earmarked for Blidworth were ‘proportionate’ to the strategy, but angry residents claimed housing needs in the village had not been thought through. Others raised issues over traffic volumes and a lack of facilities.

Coun Blaney said a public enquiry would be launched in due course, but gave little indication that the plans would be reversed.

However, Mr Rea, who spearheads a village-run campaign against the plans, said: “I urge people not to give up fighting. The council is going against the will of the people- how many public meetings or petitions do they need to see before they realise it’s not what they want?

“We know we need a development plan but the figure of housing proposed is far too high for what we can sustain.

“I’m still hopeful about challenging this, we believe there are strong reasons why this is not a sound plan.”