Blidworth man’s plea: Sagging skin surgery will ‘change my life’

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A Blidworth man who lost more than half his weight is now crowdfunding to surgically remove his sagging skin.

Jordan Martinez, 21, says the operation is more a cosmetic procedure and would ‘change his life’.

At 20 years old, the sales consultant weighed 25 stone and was squeezing into a 5XL top and 56 inch waist jeans.

He told be a doctor that he would not live to see his thirtieth birthday - which he says scared him into losing weight.

Jordan said: “He was very blunt about it, he basically said, you will be in a coffin by the time you’re 30. I knew I had to do something.”

After joining Slimming World just over a year ago and exercising more, Jordan is now has a trim 32 inch waist and weights just 12 stone.

However, the rapid weight loss has left him with excess skin which has says makes him look like a ‘sack of potatoes’.

Surgery to have the skin removed will cost around £20,000 but Jordan is first trying to raise £6,000 to get rid of the excess skin around his stomach.

Jordan, who has Asperger’s Syndrome said: “I’ve always had confidence issues. I work behind a desk because I can’t physically interact with other people on face to face terms.

“I hate looking in the mirror because I don’t want to associate myself with the old me, I want a new chapter.”

Jordan says he doesn’t expect sympathy - as he was responsible for own body but hopes people will be willing to help.

He said:“I know I did this to myself. I put that food in my mouth. I don’t expect people to give and not everyone can empathise with me, I get that, but I‘m hoping people will understand.

“I just want to be able to wear clothes that fit. It makes me cringe just looking at myself.”

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