Bizarre photographic reflection led to tumour discovery for Bilsthorpe boy

Brotherly love Roman Baker, with his brother Ryan Yellot
Brotherly love Roman Baker, with his brother Ryan Yellot

A BIZARRE reflection from a child’s eye on a photograph eventually led to the discovery of a brain tumour, his parents have explained.

A snap of Bilsthorpe’s Roman Baker taken two years ago shows one of his eyes reflecting white, a little-known sign that a tumour could be growing.

Despite numerous visits to doctors and opticians, it was another two years before he was diagnosed with Cranopharyngioma- a rare tumour on the pituitary gland.

The family is busy raising £10,000 to accompany Roman to Florida for treatment, but are now urging other 
parents to have their youngsters checked out if they discover similar problems.

Roman’s father Adam, said:

“We dismissed it because it was only one picture, we would have gone and checked it out straight away had we known.

“He seemed otherwise healthy, so we couldn’t think anything serious could be wrong.”

The photograph was taken when Roman was just 13 months-old. They visited a GP, then an optician twice who claimed Roman had healthy eye sight. The three-year-old is now almost blind with little hope of his sight returning.

His mother Sara said: “The symptoms are different in 
each case but one of them is 
eye-sight problems.

“There needs to be more awareness, especially with opticians. They told us he had healthy sight but we knew something was wrong, now he is registered blind.”