Bislthorpe residents set to tackle incinerator plans

Residents are gearing up to do battle with a company that is planning to build an incinerator in their village.

A committee has been set up in Bilsthorpe by angry members of the public who want to fight the controversial move by Peel Environmental, who are due to submit the plans to Newark and Sherwood District Council.

The 3.7-hectare facility planned for Bilsthorpe Business Park is being named a ‘gasification plant’, but there are growing fears it is simply another term for an incinerator.

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has already made his protest clear, as have local councillors.

But residents are beginning to make their own feelings heard by launching an action group, led by resident Paul Stokoe.

He spoke at the parish council meeting on Monday evening, where around 20 members of the public had gathered to hear the latest in the incinerator plans.

He said around 12 members of the public had come forward so far to join the campaign group.

“We are trying to communicate this to the community, we want to raise awareness,” he said.

“We’ve got some leaflets and posters to put in the windows and we want businesses to support it.

“The main purpose is to raise awareness and come up with an effective planning objection.

“It needs to be kept simple and as long as people understand the big picture, it will be a worthwhile process.”

The campaign has been given the backing of county councillor, John Peck, who said: “It sounds fantastic because it’s much more effective if the community drives this forward instead of the parish council.”

Around 1,000 signatures have already been collected as part of a petition against the plans.