Bingo players striking it lucky at Mansfield club

Apollo Bingo Club in Mansfield.
Apollo Bingo Club in Mansfield.

Bingo fans are flocking to a Mansfield club after players at the venue scooped a quartet of big wins – totalling more than £50,000 – in just one month.

Sheila Stone, aged 77, from Blackwell, near South Normanton, is the latest winner at Apollo Bingo Club, on Mansfield Leisure Park.

The regular Wednesday player won £11,017,46 on National Live.

Sheila, who is sharing the winnings with her son and partner who play at the club together, said: “I was shocked to win.

“We stayed up until 2am to wait for my son to come home from work and shared a bottle of wine.

“We’ve been playing for a few years but it our first big win. We’ll be using the money to pay off our holidays.”

Dawn Cojocariu, aged 43, from Pleasley, won £13,000, the week before, while two players in February won £14,282.16 and £9,983 respectively.

Jon Nellist, club general manager, “What a great start to the year for our customers and the club. We love celebrating wins in our club, big and small.

“The National Live is played daily, afternoon and evening and has brought good fortune to quite a few of our customers over the years.

“Our congratulations and well wishes all our recent winners.”

The club is hosting two winners’ parties to present the cheques to the most recent winners on Friday 16 th March and Wednesday 21 st March.

Apollo has been serving the local community for 19 years. It is owned by Majestic Bingo, which formed in

2014. Further details can be found at