Bilsthorpe incinerator given green light by government

Artists impression of the Bilsthorpe incinerator plan
Artists impression of the Bilsthorpe incinerator plan

A government minister has finally returned a verdict on a controversial plan for the Bilthorpe incinerator.

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Greg Clark undertook an inspection of the plan after strong local opposition, but has now found in favour of the developers.

The plan involved a new renewable energy incinerator plant to be built on the old Bilsthorpe colliery site, but it was after a similar plan in Tees Valley fell through that the secretary of state gave objectors to the scheme another chance to comment.

And today (Thursday, June 2), it was announced that ministers had chosen to allow the plan to move forward.

Controvertsial Bilsthorpe incineration plan on hold by government minister

Controversial Bilsthorpe incinerator plant delayed yet again

"This is experimental unproven technology," said opponent, County Councillor John Peck. "There isn't one (of this particular technology) up and running anywhere in the world. Many have been rejected."

And the options for campaigners to fight the plan have slimmed, with legal expenses of appealing said to be in the tens of thousands.

Developers say the proposed Bilsthorpe Energy Centre (BEC) could bring a £4.3 million annual economic boost to Nottinghamshire, creating up to 46 jobs along with some 330 construction jobs and creating supply chain opportunities whilst diverting waste from landfill and using it to generate low-carbon energy.

Applicants, Peel Environment, said: "Our plans will stimulate investment and bring new jobs to the area as well as being a former industrial site into productive use."

Campaigner Shlomo Dowen said previously: “Air Products has abandoned its plasma facility project at Tees Valley because of concerns about the technology which they have been unable to overcome.

“It is the same technology which would be used in the controversial Bilsthorpe plant.

Mr Dowen added that the Bilsthorpe facility plant involved an even more experimental variation of the plasma gasification technology.

“How much more money do Waste2Tricity and Peel intend to squander on this unwanted and unnecessary proposal before they follow Air Product’s lead and give up on this failed technology?”