Biker Ian boosts cycling at Sherwood Pines

A NEW initiative to encourage cycling at Sherwood Pines has been launched by the Forestry Commission.

Bosses have teamed up with CTC, the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation, to appoint a cycling development officer at the 1,200-hectare beauty spot between Clipstone and Edwinstowe.

Twenty-five-year-old Ian Jordan, pictured, who gave up a career as a mechanical engineer to pursue his passion for bikes, is now gearing up for the role.

“Sherwood Pines is the biggest biking venue in the East Midlands, but my job is to get folk who perhaps haven’t been on a bike in years to saddle up,” he said.

“We have a great network of off road trails and mountain biking isn’t just for the super-fit. It’s a great way to explore and keep fit for all ages and abilities.”

Around six-out-of-10 of the 375,000 people who visit Sherwood Pines each year are cyclists and £400,000 has been invested by the Forestry Commission in new routes and facilities.

But Ian says many people are continuing to miss out.

“We want to get more women biking as they are under-represented for no obvious reason,” he said.

“To show them what they are missing I’ll be arranging female only sessions to build up confidence using women instructors.”

Ian is one of 25 CTC-backed cycling develop officers in the UK and to find out more contact him on 07917 177151 or email