Biker fled after road collision

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The “reckless” rider of a stolen motor bike crashed into the side of car just inches away a 16-month-old boy sat in the back seat.

The toddler’s dad, 34-year-old Adam Scrimshire, said the rider put “children’s lives at risk”.

The rider of the stolen “hot-wired” blue Yamaha fled the scene after the crash with Adam’s Vauxhall Adam and another car on Huthwaite Road, Sutton, on Sunday, April 8, at about 2.10pm.

Adam said his son Luca, who was sat on the side the bike hit, was unhurt by the crash as he was in a car seat which “did not budge”.

Adam, however, suffered internal bruising and whiplash.

The other car, a blue BMW, contained a woman and her son aged about seven. Neither are believed to have been seriously hurt.

Adam said: “I was driving nice and steady and indicated to turn, then there was an almighty bang.

“My first instinct was to grab my son out of the car which was full of smoke because of the air bags.

“I knew in the aftermath the bike was stolen– someone pointed out the number plates weren’t right and the fire service said it had been hot-wired.”

“I am very angry about it as my son was in the car.

“Children’s lives were at risk, because someone on a stolen motorbike was so reckless.”

A Nottinghamshire Police spokeswoman said: “The rider left the scene before officers arrived. He is described as white and was wearing a dark grey padded jacket, grey jogging bottoms and Nike trainers. It’s also said he suffered an injury to his hand and right leg.

“No one else was seriously injured in the crash.”

About 30 people helped in the aftermath of the crash.

Adam said: “Everyone was brill it was a proper little community pulling together. I was offered cups of tea and they helped with Luca.”

The bike is believed to have been stolen from a driveway on Main Street, Awsworth, overnight on May 30 last year.

n Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.