Biker delivers travel memoir

Nathan Millward takes a break from his epic journey.
Nathan Millward takes a break from his epic journey.

A WARSOP man who made an incredible 20,000 mile journey from Australia to England on a moped has penned a travel memoir documenting the once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Thirty-year-old Nathan Millward biked across three continents during an action-packed eight months on the road before arriving back in his hometown of Warsop in July 2009.

His only companion on the madcap journey was ‘Dorothy’, his trusty 105cc scooter with an extra petrol tank - usually used by Australian postmen to deliver letters.

After making it all the way home on the semi-automatic scooter, Nathan was offered a book deal by an Australian publisher to recall the full tale of his intrepid journey.

“I was very grateful to be able to write a book about the trip, it was originally meant to take four months but with all the drafts it took a year - which was longer than the actual journey,” he said.

“The writing experience made me question why I did the trip in the first place and why I kept going when I felt like giving up.

“I’m aware that people will want to read a travelogue of a journey on a postie bike from London to Sydney, but it is partly autobiographical as well and there is a deeper element to it.

“The book writing process gave me a new perspective on the trip, I think of it differently now.

“The feedback from my editor was quite brutal and cutting and made me think of what sort of book I wanted to write.

“I ended up cutting the word count by around 10,000 but I think it is stronger, more concise read because of it.

“You become quite sensitive when other people are reading your work and it made me think what people would think, but I decided in the end to write it for myself and hope others like it.”

The journey came about after Nathan’s Australian visa ran out and he was forced to leave the country with only days to arrange his adventure.

The former Meden School pupul ventured through 18 countries, was hit by a bus in Indonesia, transported in Malaysian vegetable boats and almost froze to death climbing the 5,300-metre roads over the Himalayas into India and Pakistan.

The nail-biting final push took Nathan through Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Europe to the Dover finish line at speeds never more than 35mph.

The book, Going Postal, will only be published in Australia to begin with and Nathan is returning ‘Down Under’ next week to publicise its 1st February release.

“I’m hoping to take Dorothy back with me as well, I think it will help sell the book, hopefully if it sells well we can get an English or American distributor and it will be available over here.”

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