Big is not always best

SO have I got this straight? King’s Mill Hospital has had a loan for £300million from a bank, a German company has done the build which is not complete yet and to cap it all the trust will not own the building.

The car park is run by a separate company and the Government is going to have to bail the hospital out as the trust cannot meet the repayments.

If this is correct, questions have got to be asked as to what happened to the money from,Harlow Wood, Newstead, Ransom and Mansfield General hospitals, all sold off as building land or in prime locations. Have we finally realised, again too late that big is not always best?

I cannot see any solar panels at the hospital, yet it is floodlit in pretty colours at night. Staff are having to be laid off and the cost of ambulances and parramedics sat in lay-bys waiting for an accident is to my reckoning costing £70,000 a year for each unit. Money does not grow on trees; we do not need the fancy buildings, we do need health care.

Anthony Archer,