Bid to generate new community spirit in Skegby

LOCAL LANDMARK -- the 17th century Quaker House in Skegby.
LOCAL LANDMARK -- the 17th century Quaker House in Skegby.

An election candidate’s promise to generate more community spirit in Skegby is to be fulfilled, even though she was not voted on to the council.

Wendy Kirkham just failed to land one of two Ashfield District Council seats in the village. But she is to press ahead with plans to help residents set up new groups, clubs or societies to inject fresh life into Skegby.

“When I was knocking on doors during the election campaign, so many people said the place was not the same as it used to be,” said Kirkby woman Wendy (63), whose husband, David, has been a county councillor in Ashfield for 26 years.

“I thought it was sad, so I said that if I was elected, I would try to set up some kind of community project. I lost, but I am still interested in uniting the community. So I have organised a meeting to be held at the Forest Tavern on Thursday 18th June at 7 pm.”

Anyone can pop along to the meeting, whether they are individuals with ideas or representatives of established groups. The aim is to set up a community organisation or offshoot clubs based on particular hobbies or interests.

For instance, Skegby boasts notable buildings, such as the 17th century Quaker House that has links to Elizabeth Hooton, the first woman preacher. Therefore villagers might want to launch a historical society.

“There are no restrictions,” said Wendy, who was born in Skegby, where her 88-year-old mother, Marjorie Shore, still lives. “Let’s get together and see what we can do.”